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Cutting the Middleman to Go After Senior Living Leads Directly

In this episode, Jerry Vinci discusses the true cost of commission-based referrals in the senior living industry. He highlights the competitive landscape of the industry and the increasing demand for senior living options. Vinci explains how referral agencies can erode brand integrity and diminish the unique identity of communities. He also explores the challenges of managing high volume leads and the value of selling directly. Vinci emphasizes the advantages of direct lead generation, including the collection of actionable data and the preservation of brand integrity. He concludes by emphasizing the importance of tailoring the prospect's journey and building meaningful connections with the community.

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In this episode, Jerry Vinci discusses the hidden costs and inefficiencies of commission-based referrals in senior living sales. He highlights the flaws of relying on referral agencies and emphasizes the importance of direct marketing strategies. The chapters cover the introduction, the flaws of commission-based referrals, the hidden financial costs, the hidden costs of time delays, the impact on resident perception, shifting towards direct marketing, embracing sustainable growth, and the conclusion.

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In this podcast episode, Jerry Vinci discusses the true cost of a lengthy sales cycle in senior living communities and how it affects both marketing and sales departments financially. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the impact of sales cycles on community success. Vinci shares the results of a poll he conducted, revealing that sales teams spend 15 hours or more per prospect to move them from the inquiry stage to move-in. He highlights the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of referral leads and the reliance on this lead channel. Vinci explains how an extended sales cycle financially impacts both marketing and sales, leading to a strain on resources and missed opportunities for innovation. He encourages providers to focus more on direct marketing efforts to control the narrative and see quicker returns on investment.

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CCR Growth has built a team of senior living experts who have a deep understanding of digital marketing in the industry. Their expertise goes far beyond short-term trends and instead targets building a long-term strategy for brand consistency, visibility, and connection with prospects and their families in meaningful ways. Such a pleasure to work with!
M. Lorenzi
Sales & Marketing Manager
We have worked with CCR Growth for 8+ years for almost all of our online needs. Besides the increased growth, perhaps the most beneficial is that their team of senior living specialists always provides next-step recommendations and strategic suggestions I depend on to help us stay competitive. CCR Growth always helps match our needs to the best methods to increase our lead gen and ROI.
D. Matthews
Director of Marketing
We appreciate the detailed strategy CCRG developed for us, and their willingness to accommodate the goals and vision we value. The CCR Growth team is very experienced and hardworking, and it’s a great feeling to know we’re in the hands of capable senior living professionals who truly care about our company and our success. We’re very happy with the progress we have made and are excited to see how their work will continue to improve our digital outreach to prospects and industry partners.
P. Nicely
Director of Operations
A pleasure to work with the whole CCR Growth team. Over the last five years they’ve consistently maintained a hands-on, structured way of handling our marketing, communication and sales that gives me peace of mind to know they have a plan, have communicated the goals of the plan, and are actively working to achieve those milestones right along side us. They continue to be super flexible (even as they’ve grown as an agency) and work as an invaluable extension to our community teams.
L. Bagley
Chief Operating Officer

About the From Leads to Leases Podcast

Join CCR Growth CEO Jerry Vinci as he explores the dynamic world of senior living, uncovering insights, trends, and innovations shaping the industry today. Our episodes are easily digestible yet jam-packed with knowledge and insights you can use in your own business. While our primary focus is the senior living industry, the lessons and strategies discussed are universally applicable across business sectors. Tune in as Jerry engages with industry experts in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Strategy, offering thought-provoking conversations and actionable advice. These innovative concepts will challenge conventional thinking and inspire you to make positive changes in your business to transform leads to leases.
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