Eco-Innovations in Senior Living: Leading Sustainable Change with Paige Hoffman

Eco-Innovations in Senior Living: Leading Sustainable Change with Paige Hoffman


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In this conversation, Jerry Vinci interviews Paige Hoffman, a trailblazer in sustainability within the senior living sector. They discuss the importance of integrating sustainability practices in senior living communities and the role of technology in enhancing sustainability efforts. They also touch on the challenges and trends in the industry and provide advice for senior living providers looking to enhance their sustainability programs.


  • Integrating sustainability practices in senior living communities is crucial for creating vibrant and thriving environments for older adults.
  • Technology plays a significant role in enhancing sustainability efforts, from software implementation to innovative solutions like dining robots.
  • The senior living industry is facing challenges in meeting the growing demand for housing, and sustainability can play a role in repurposing existing infrastructure.
  • Leadership and a culture that embraces sustainability are essential for driving meaningful change in senior living communities.
  • Foundational steps for enhancing sustainability programs include setting clear goals, measuring progress, and engaging residents and employees in the process.
  • Emerging trends in sustainability include a focus on holistic decision-making, the reuse of buildings, and the integration of technology to meet the changing needs of older adults.
  • Personal commitment and passion drive Paige Hoffman’s work in sustainability, and she sees her role evolving to continue pushing senior living forward.
  • Fostering a culture of sustainability requires a product mindset, progressive rollouts, and clear communication.
  • Technology, such as data management and energy benchmarking, plays a crucial role in enhancing sustainability efforts.
  • Innovative solutions, like dining robots, can improve efficiency and resident experience in senior living communities.
  • Paige envisions her role evolving into a strategic consulting position to help communities build sustainable frameworks and drive industry-wide impact.
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