Transforming Facebook Marketing: A Success Story of Cutting Lead Costs and Doubling Efficiency

Discover how we slashed lead costs by 51%, transforming a senior living company’s marketing efficiency. Dive into the case study for insights into our strategic approach, how we optimized ads, and achieved a current cost per lead below $50 on Facebook.

About the Brand

A leading provider in the United States, this senior living company operates 44 diverse communities, offering a spectrum of services including room and board, medical care, and engaging social activities. Catering to a range of needs with facilities from apartments to memory care units, they emphasize enhancing seniors’ quality of life. Their commitment to innovation and resident-centered care, coupled with a philosophy that merges comfort with community, has established them as a benchmark in the senior living industry, continually adapting to meet the evolving needs of its residents.

The Challenges

Technical Issues
  • Account Setup Constraints: The client's Facebook account was limited to a single profile, yet their communities were diverse and required individualized approaches.
  • Ad Category Limitations: Being in the Housing ad category restricted their campaign flexibility.
  • Pixel Installation Issues: Incorrect installation of the Facebook Pixel on their website hindered accurate tracking and data analysis.
  • Limited Ad Testing: A narrow scope of ad testing reduced the potential for optimization and effective targeting.
  • Absence of Video Ads: The client was not utilizing video ads, which generally outperform image-based ads.
  • Challenges in Sourcing Quality Videos: Difficulties in obtaining new video material, often receiving low-quality content.
  • Ineffective Copywriting: The ad copy lacked a unique selling proposition, which is crucial for standing out in a competitive market.
Remarketing Funnel
  • Top-of-Funnel Focus: A strategy concentrated on top-of-funnel ads resulted in missed opportunities for retargeting engaged users.
  • Lack of Testimonials and Sales Incentives: The absence of customer testimonials and sales incentives reduced the effectiveness of the campaigns in converting leads.
  • Lack of available budget to maximize ad visibility

The Strategy

Strategy 1
  • Initiate by testing various hooks and creatives, focusing on video and image carousels, to identify the most effective approach.
  • This strategy involves multiple phases, refining audience targeting and creative elements based on performance data.
Strategy 2
  • Engage users showing initial interest, utilizing lifestyle and testimonial videos for a deeper connection.
Strategy 3
  • Target audiences deeper in the sales funnel with direct, scarcity-driven messaging, employing dynamic single-image ads for impact.
Strategy 4
  • Shift to Lead Form Campaign Ads: Transition from website events campaigns to lead form campaign ads for enhanced results.
  • Exclusive Use of Video Creatives: Optimize the top funnel to exclusively use video creatives, finding testimonial-style videos and community walkthrough videos most effective.
  • This strategy progression aims to refine targeting, messaging, and creative types across the funnel stages, culminating in a focused approach to converting highly interested leads.

The Result:

Phase I – Split Testing

The first six months were challenging, marked by extensive testing. The cost per lead was initially high at $215, with results being sporadic and uneven.

Phase II – Optimization:

After this initial testing period. This strategic shift led to a remarkable reduction in the cost per lead to $106.96 over the following six months marking a 51% price drop.

Current Performance:

The campaign has continued to excel, with the current cost per lead now below $50. This demonstrates a consistent and substantial improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

Outstanding Community Performance:

Among the various communities, the best-performing ones achieved move-ins at an impressive cost of $450 per move-in, highlighting the success of the targeted strategies in specific segments.

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