Supercharging Occupancy & Lead Generation in Senior Living Communities

Harnessing our expertise, we transformed senior living communities with a strategic marketing blend, achieving a 69% occupancy boost and a 217% leap in leads over two years, with only a 24% rise in costs. Explore our approach that generated $1.4M andin up in additional revenue per community in this case study:

About the Brand

Leading the way in senior wellness and lifestyle enhancement, this client operates communities designed to foster health, happiness, and independence among seniors. With a focus on daily wellness and fitness classes, community excursions, and an all-day dining program, they provide a dynamic environment for seniors to pursue an active and social lifestyle. Their comprehensive care model, which includes access to professional care teams and weekly housekeeping, ensures that every resident receives the support they need while enjoying the highest standards of living.

Project Overview

This case study aims to showcase the substantial impact of CCR Growth’s marketing and advertising efforts on boosting occupancy rates and enhancing lead generation for senior living communities across the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and West Coast from July 2021 to July 2023. The focus is on demonstrating the long-term benefits of our targeted marketing strategies.

The Challenges

Adapting Strategies Across Diverse Geographic Regions
  • Tailoring our approach to suit the unique demographics and market dynamics of each region posed a significant challenge.
Optimizing Budget Allocation
  • Balancing the mix of organic and paid advertising to achieve maximum ROI required continuous optimization.
  • This also includes standing out among countless senior living options and reaching qualified leads.
Budget Constraints
  • Optimizing results while adhering to community spending limitations which can fluctuate sometimes quarterly or even monthly.
Measuring Long-Term Impact
  • Demonstrating the efficacy of marketing strategies over a two-year period involved meticulous tracking and analysis.

Our team implemented an intensive, robust marketing and advertising strategy which included the following.

The Strategy

#1 Comprehensive Marketing Analysis & Targeting

Each region underwent a detailed market study to identify target demographics and optimize messaging.

#2 Blend of Organic and Paid Advertising

We utilized SEO, content marketing, and social media alongside targeted paid advertising campaigns to attract highly qualified prospects.

#3 Lead Nurturing

Engaging potential residents through informative content, personalized email sequences, and targeted remarketing campaigns to help automate some of the sales process.

#4 Conversion Optimization

Improving website landing pages and conversion funnels for maximum lead capture and inquiries. Campaigns were regularly reviewed and adjusted based on performance data, focusing on both lead quality and cost efficiency.

The Results:

Occupancy Rate Increase

An average occupancy increase of roughly 69% demonstrates the effectiveness of our marketing strategies in filling communities. The average starting occupancy was 52% and by July 2023 we saw the following average occupancy rates: Northeast: 88%, Southeast: 85%, Midwest: 88%, West Coast: 88%.

Explosive Lead Growth

Average lead generation across all communities skyrocketed by 217% and went as high as 300% in the Southeast.

Cost-Effective Approach

Overall marketing spend increased by only 24%, highlighting ROI efficiency from 2021 to 2023.

Building Consistency

Over the 24 months of working with this senior living provider, we saw the average occupancy rate increase from 52% to 88%, significantly boosting revenue and maintaining a higher level of profitability for every community, allowing providers to reinvest more back into each community. 

Key Insights:

Targeted Strategies Yield High ROI: The decrease in cost per lead and increase in occupancy rates highlight the success of our tailored marketing approaches.

Regional Adaptation is Key: The variations in results by region underscore the importance of customizing strategies to local markets.

Sustainable Growth Over Time: The two-year study period illustrates that significant gains in marketing efficacy are achievable with consistent strategic efforts.

Lastly, suppose we use industry benchmarks to calculate how impactful these results are to each community. In that case, we can take the AVG cost of Assisted Living per month ($4700) x AVG number of Months (22) = AVG revenue per resident. If the AVG number of beds per facility is 39, we estimate that each community in 2021 generated roughly $2,096,952 in revenue based on a 52% occupancy rate. In 2023, with an AVG occupancy rate of 88%, revenue jumped to $3,548.688, adding $1.45M in revenue to each community.

This case study demonstrates the transformative impact CCR Growth’s marketing efforts can have on Senior Living communities and their bottom line in just two years, increasing revenue by 100% or more. By combining targeted reach, engaging content, and strategic nurturing, we can help communities achieve significant occupancy increases, attract qualified leads, and ultimately, thrive in a competitive market.

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