Organic Content is King: How Quality Content More Than Doubled Conversions in Six Months

Our SEO content strategy helped boost the conversion rate by 132% within a year, more than doubled organic conversions and led to some of the lowest cost per move-ins in the company’s history. Read how we did it here:

About the Brand

Our CCRC client is renowned for offering an array of lifestyle options to seniors, emphasizing independence, activities, and community connection. Their retirement communities, spread across the nation, cater to active seniors seeking a vibrant life surrounded by friends. With amenities like all-day dining, fitness centers, and wellness classes, each community is designed to support a fulfilling, engaged lifestyle. Their commitment to quality and continuity of care allows residents to transition seamlessly between levels of care as their needs evolve, making them leaders in senior living.

Project Overview

At the beginning of 2023 we launched a strategy to help this Senior Living Provider increase their content production for the year by 3-4x what it had been in 2022. The focus would be to dramatically increase their lowest performing communities in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

While we were not focused on the entire portfolio it set the stage for us to measure results and split test their portfolio to see just how powerful a focused blogging strategy can be in generating a higher number and better quality of results.

The Challenges

  • Ensuring that the content reflects the unique offerings, amenities, and community culture of each location while maintaining a consistent brand voice and message across dozens of websites.
  • This requires a deep understanding of each community's specifics and a strategic approach to content creation that balances individuality with brand cohesion.
Local SEO Optimization
  • Tailoring content to rank for location-specific keywords without compromising the quality or readability of the content. Each location must be optimized for its local market, considering local search trends, preferences, and competition.
  • It necessitates sophisticated keyword research and a nuanced content strategy that can adapt to the diverse SEO landscapes of different locales.
Scalability of Content Production
  • Scaling content production 3-4x requires a significant increase in the volume of content needed. This requires more writers, more editorial oversight, and more coordination to ensure timely delivery and publication.
  • The logistical complexity of managing a larger content team and process can lead to bottlenecks, delays, and inconsistencies if not carefully managed.
Measurement & Adaptation
  • Monitoring the performance of a significantly larger volume of content across many locations and adapting strategies based on analytics and SEO outcomes. The challenge lies in effectively tracking, analyzing, and responding to data from a wide array of content initiatives.
  • Results are not always in real time. SEO can take months to scale results which makes it difficult to pivot quickly.
  • Measurement requires sophisticated analytics tools and expertise to distill actionable insights from complex data sets and adjust content strategies dynamically.

Our strategy comprised 9 key components to ensure consistency, sustainability, and growth.

The Strategy

#1 Comprehensive Marketing & SEO Analysis

This analysis informs keyword selection, content themes, and identifies opportunities for differentiation in the local market.

#2 Audience Segmentation & Persona Development

Enables the creation of tailored, relatable content that addresses the concerns, desires, and questions of the target audience, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

#3 Content Strategy Development

A strategic roadmap that ensures content is relevant, engaging, and optimized for search engines, tailored to the local nuances of each community.

#4 Editorial Content Development

Ensures a consistent flow of content, aligned with local community interests and search trends, facilitating project management and stakeholder alignment.

#5 - Content Creation & Localization

Content that resonates with the local audience, improving search rankings and engagement in the targeted regions.

#6 - Stakeholder Collaboration & Approval Process

Reduces bottlenecks in the approval process, ensuring timely publication while maintaining content accuracy and brand consistency.

#7 - Content Distribution & Promotion

Increases visibility of the content across the community’s website, social channels, email newsletters and forums, driving traffic to the website, and enhancing community awareness and interest.

#8 - Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Provides insights into what content types and topics are most effective, allowing for ongoing optimization of the content strategy based on real-world performance.

#9 - Feedback Loop & Continuous Improvement

Ensures the content strategy remains dynamic and responsive to changing audience needs and market conditions, continually enhancing content effectiveness.

The Results:

Initial Phase: 

Q1 to Q2 saw a 146% increase in conversions for communities that included blogging compared to the previous year at the same time for communities without the content boost. 

Scaling Phase:

Q2 to Q3 saw an increase of 183% in conversions. Over 2023, the average increase in conversions for communities with blogging was a staggering 164% per quarter compared to 2022 and communities without the content boost.

Unexpected Outcomes:

Even for the communities that were not a part of the blogging strategy, we still saw a 70% increase in conversions compared to the prior six months. The content strategy gave the entire website a lift, not just the communities we blogged for directly.

Outstanding Community Performance:

Communities that received consistent blog content saw 132% more conversions compared to communities that did not receive any SEO blog content in the same time period. This strategy more than doubled organic conversions and led to some of the lowest cost per move-ins in the company’s history. In addition, the cost per lead averaged $70 while industry averages are $400+ per lead. 

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